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Pretty Little Thing Table Runner: Finally Finished!!

The last time you saw this project (in my tutorial for the blog hop), it looked like this:
Pretty Little Thing table runner

and I hadn't managed to get it completely finished in time for my turn on the blog hop.  Over the last few weeks I've managed to claw back enough energy to tackle the quilting and I have some more photos to share:
All the pins... #justwhenyouthoughtIhadstoppedpostingaboutthisproject #oakshottliparis #handpiecing
I use a  teaspoon to help close the safety pins - it helps avoid drawing/safety pin thumb!
Look, @ochil_lynz, I've done some sewing! One set of lines done, two sets to go #oakshottliparis #handpiecing #machinequilting
I quilted in the same mid grey (Aurifil 50wt 5004) that I used for most of the piecing.
I've started quilting the final set of lines on my #oakshottliparis project (the horizontal lines). I'm using Aurfil 50wt in mid grey (5004) and Frankie (Valli and The Four Seasons) is keeping me company. #currentlysingingalongtoDecember1963 #loveFrankie
I eyeballed most of the lines, and used masking tape for sections which were difficult to eyeball. 
I used a pin to mark the position of the tips of the segments so they weren't chopped off when I added the binding.
It's finished! My project for the #oakshottliparis blog hop is finally finished, just over a fortnight after my blog post/tutorial ;o)  I'll do a quick blog post about it this week and link it to my original post, where there are links to the template she
I'm really rather pleased with how it's turned out!
The back of my #oakshottliparis project. I've started sewing the binding to the back so it should be finished this weekend #handpiecing #machinequilting
The back
And a closer look #oakshottliparis #handpiecing #machinequilting #needacupofteanow #anyonegotasconegoingspare #orcake #notfussy
A closer look at the quilting.

And if that wasn't an exciting enough thing (did I mention that this is a finish from my 2016 Q2 FAL list?!), there's a new member of the tribe:

This is Eddie and he's come to live with Mam.  He was a little hairy when she got him, but he had a haircut (and gained a dickie bow!) and now (until his hair grows again!) he looks like this:
He's a golden cocker spaniel and is almost four years old and has come via a friend of a friend who could no longer look after him.  He and Archie get on fine (i.e. they mostly ignore each other!) and Eddie has spent a couple of afternoons here, dozing at my feet.  Here they are together on Monday, when Eddie had just arrived back from his walk and so he's still wearing his halti (which stops him towing us down the street):

Thanks for popping in, I'm hoping to be back soon with some more updates, but I'm pretty tired at the moment so I'm not promising anything.  I hope you're working hard on your FAL lists (mine is here, if you want a laugh), though, because the finishes link up opens in a smidge over three weeks.  Yes, three weeks!  Best get cracking then, eh?!


  1. That table runner is beautiful, it suits the fabric so well. Eddie looks a bundle of fun, good job he gets on with Archie.

  2. Such a beautiful runner, and beautifully quilted. Archie has some competition now for the title of 'handsome boy'!

  3. It turned out super great!

  4. It is definitely a very Pretty Little Thing - congratulations. Glad the pups are getting on OK. Eddie looks much happier with a haircut (or maybe he just loves his dicky-bow!)

  5. I enjoyed this blog hop but finding the colour of this range a bit on the dark side not every design worked for me. But yours I loved and I often think with Oakshott that in the flesh it's even more beautiful.

  6. Your work is so beautiful. And those two fur babies - double precious. Welcome to the family, Eddie.

  7. Thanks for the tip about pin marking important points when binding. Something to remember for the future. Eddie's a cute boy, but Archie is still the one for me; he seems to be glowing in the light and is undeniably more handsome. Know what you mean about clawing back some energy. Had urgent back surgery on Friday last week, spinal fusion. I don't know where all my get and and go got up and went to...

  8. You should be well chuffed, it is glorious.x

  9. Hi Helen! This table runner is gorgeus! Wow that pattern is so great and with the fabrics you have used, just beautiful! I hope Archie likes Eddie's company and realize how nice it is to have a friend to play. Rest and take care! Hugs! x Teje

  10. That table runner is so beautiful! Nice quilting too!! And of course Eddie!

  11. Oh my gosh, all those curves! That's gorgeous! And Eddie looks rather gorgeous too!!!!!

  12. This turned out beautifully!

  13. I love your table runner, its stunning, and Eddie is a sweetie, as is Archie xx

  14. I love your table runner, its stunning, and Eddie is a sweetie, as is Archie xx

  15. Welcome to Eddie! That is a gorgeous table runner, I'm in awe of the points!

  16. Wow!!This is absolutely beautiful. Wish I could create projects like this. Not everyone know how to quilt.

  17. I love this one, Helen!! It turned out beautifully. And, thanks so much for linking up with the Finish-A-Long, on behalf of all of the hosts :) he he!


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