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FAL Finish: EPP Pin Cushion

Finish A Long 2016

My current FAL list is, well, laughable, but I'm plodding away and have a finished project to show you!

At the start of the quarter I set out to make an EPP pin cushion using some of my Japanese import fabrics and I'd chosen these fabrics:
EPP pin cushion

After my Oakshott table runner was (finally!) pieced, I needed some hand sewing to replace it and this was the perfect choice!

I did a bit of planning and then cut out my papers (from 5mm squared paper so I didn't have to faff with rulers!) and got tacking.  I also use a line of Pritt Stick along the centre of the paper to hold the fabric in place while I centre it.

I only do EPP when absolutely necessary (and it is for these fabrics!) and I only make these pincushions  for a chosen few.  I can't share more than that at the moment, but I can say it's not going to live with me...  Intrigued?  Good! ;o)

I then got to work stitching.  The black dotty fabric isn't shiny, it's just the paper inside catching the flash!
There's not much sewing going on in Archie towers, but I'm making progress on the #EPP pin cushion.

And after a couple of nights, I was ready to add the bottom.  That piece was supposed to be the top, but as it's reversible and there's no real bottom to a pin cushion, it was fine!
The final side is going on! I won't get it finished tonight (it's time for bed), but perhaps tomorrow or Friday?   I wonder what's going to happen to it once it's finished?!
I took my usual two attempts to stuff it.  I always get about two-thirds through the first attempt and discover that I'm not happy with it and so pull it all out and start again.  Just me?

After my usual two attempts at adding stuffing, the pin cushion is ready for finishing #wherewillitgo #nobodyknows #notyetanyway #maybesoon?
I closed the gap with ladder stitch and then took it outside to have its photo taken.  The mimulus flower volunteered to pretty up the background!

Archie quite likes playing peepo round one of the new chairs:
Notice me...
Have you forgotten to feed me? I'm worried you have.  Please feed me before I slip through a crack in the pavement. I already disappear when I turn sideways.  Look at me, I've seen more fat on a butcher's pencil. FEED ME NOW!
I want something and I'm going to make you guess what it is. To help, I'll whinge until you get it right.

I think he's found a new hobby!!!

Thanks for popping in!  I'll be linking up this finish when the link opens at the end of the month - not long now!

P.S.  There are a couple (I think) of new Summersville stories going up in a moment, click on the page at the top to find them!


  1. I love making pin cushions and your pincushion is cute. The fabrics are perfect for this project. Archie as usual is even cuter and looking as though he needs a small treat! My last pin cushion was an owl, stuffed with crushed walnut shells.

  2. Cute doggies abound! And what a gorgeous wee flower! jxo

  3. Nothing like a small handwork project to get the creative juices flowing again and give you a sense of achievement. I need a bit of a kick start again, something small I can do while I'm waiting to get strong enough to sew for a few hours. I love the way you've used the dog fabric almost like a ribbon on the bottom, clever! And tell Archie I agree, he needs a bicky, he's very slender and in no danger of putting on the chub.

  4. your pin cushion turned out super cute. Yay for a finish!

  5. Hi Helen and Archie! I love to see your photos Archie and what you fun you have found to do! Just the best pincushion! I need to make new one, too. Hugs from Teje, Nero and Hanna

  6. Too cute! Both the pincushion and Archie!

  7. Love your pin cushion, I really keep promising to make one for myself, I have two mushroom ones and they are forever falling over they drive me mad!Mabel says Hello to Archie, he is so cute, his facial expressions are the best.

  8. What a cute pin cushion! Love it!

  9. Sweet Pinny!
    Sweet Archie!
    Have a sweetie, Archie !!!
    I know, thats teasing isn't it... no sweeties allowed for Archie :(

  10. that is a lovely pin cushion. And a reminder that I linked up with FAL this quarter but now I've forgotten what I was going to do. I'll have to look back :)

  11. I've only tried EPP pincushions using hexies, yours is lovely. Well done getting your ladder stitch tight enough, mine allways gapes ☹

  12. It is gorgeous! As is Archie of course

  13. I'm back as an official FAL cheerleader, and this is a fun little pincushion! Congrats on the finish.


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