Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Flourish Of Finishes: Leaf Evolution Shawl

I'm breaking one of my blogging rules by writing this post (I don't have many blogging rules, apart from 'be yourself' and the one I'm breaking 'reply to most if not all of the comments from the previous post before you write another one') but I'm aiming to write a short post every day until I've shown you all of my finishes from my FAL Q3 list and linked them up with Katy and her linky party, I do hope you'll forgive me!

Finish Along 2014

At the start of the quarter I had two balls of yarn, a pattern and a set of needles and no idea when I was going to finish:

A new shawl
Gorgeous lace weight yarn by Manos

Over the next couple of months it grew steadily and I took photos at not-very-regular intervals (i.e. when I remembered and the weather was fine) so I could track progress:

It's not much...
Getting started

Three repeats

Growing 2
Seven (I think!) repeats

Growing 3
No idea how many repeats but this was taken the day before Archie's dramatic adventures on Bank Holiday Monday

And, less than two months after starting (mainly because once Archie was home from the vet, he didn't like me to be out of his sight so I spent an awful lot of time knitting and catching up with the telly), I cast off the final stitch:

Off the needle but before blocking
Off the needles and looking lovely but in definite need of blocking!

The lace pattern before blocking
You can see the lace pattern but it's not very defined - I love how this changes after blocking

After blocking
After blocking (I wanted to show how delicate the shawl was but don't think I really captured that, sorry!)

The lace pattern after blocking
The lace pattern is a lot more defined now and the feel of the shawl (as well as the dimensions!) has changed quite drastically

I'm thrilled with how this shawl turned out and I think I can safely say that it's owner is also thrilled - there are a couple of gorgeous photos of it (and her!) right here.  The yarn was wonderful to work with and didn't kink/twist up on itself or split.  I can't knit with many yarns (I'm allergic to wool and can't tolerate many other types of yarn (even if there's no wool in it) and it's not just natural fibres that set my skin off so finding yarn I can knit with is always tricky) but I had no problems with this particular yarn.  I couldn't wear it (and had to knit in short spurts when the shawl was small as, somehow, my hands were more in contact with the yarn, but that got better as the shawl got longer) but I'd definitely knit with it again.

I think I can safely say that I'm fairly addicted to knitting shawls (even though I can't wear them!) and have plans to start another in the next couple of months but this time with another blogger who would like some (virtual) company while she tackles her first shawl.  I'll let you know what we choose and when we're starting!

Leaf Evolution Shawl II

Yarn - Manos del Uruguay Lace in green (colour 2387) - two skeins
Needles - 3.75mm Knit Pro Symfonie (I used a 60cm cable and changed to an 80cm cable as the shawl grew)
Pattern - Leaf Evolution Shawl by Tetiana Otruta (24 repeats of chart B)
Size - 78" x 36" (after blocking)
Made for - Kerry (I suppose you could call this my first commission but I prefer to think of it as 'making something lovely for someone lovely')
Started - approx. 18th July 2014
Finished - 8th September 2014

As it's the first of the month, I'm also linking up with Lynne:

Fresh Sewing Day

It's my bed and I wanted it on the floor so I could lie on it, not up there airing off.  Go on, admit it, you're impressed I thought of pulling it off, aren't you?

Flickr is obviously a bit mardy today and isn't playing nicely - I hope that you can see my photos but if not, imagine lots of photos of some tatty looking knitting, a few photos of a (gorgeous, even if I do say so myself) green shawl and one photo of a slightly defensive (but proud) looking dog laid on a quilt next to a cage...


  1. Wow, this is amazing! I love shawls, what a shame I can't knit!

  2. The shawl is beautiful (as is Archie)!

  3. Your shawl is amazing, love the colour too!

  4. Love the shawl. Instagram makes me wish I was a knitter when I see all the amazing things being done. Love the colour of this shawl!

  5. So glad you broke that rule, that shawl is gorgeous! Well done Archie for solving your problem!

  6. What a nice wooly view ... I like this green ... ;)

  7. The photos are great from here! The shawl is beautiful and suits Kerry perfectly! Well done! Jxo

  8. You are right to say so yourself, it is stunning. I love that shade of green. So hard to find that in clothes or fabric.

  9. I have the same rule!! And have rcently broken it too :( Still rules are for being broken and hopefully we'll be forgiven. Your shawl is ridiculously stunning. I saw Kerry in it on IG and she looked stunning. Bravo!!

  10. What a stunner! Keep breaking those rules and sharing your finishes!
    Your regular photo taking is like mine, I'm a "….quick take a picture before I forget!" The children think I'm completely bonkers!

  11. I think your knitting is just gorgeous! That shawl is just lovely.

  12. It is absolutely gorgeous Helen ! As is the very clever Archie!

  13. That is a really lovely shawl! What a wonderful gift for your friend.

  14. ... and you knit too? My goodness, it's gorgeous! I popped over to see the happy recipient - she is positively glowing :) PS love your work Archie!

  15. I love the shawl. What a lovely gift, and so useful!

    And Archie's handiwork is just the cutest thing.
    He is a pooch with opinions about how he wants things to be!

  16. Such a beautiful shawl! I can crochet but I'm becoming more and more inspired to learn to knit with lovelies like this floating around my blog roll!

  17. It's beautiful Helen and Kerry looks so happy wearing it.

  18. Stunning work Helen. It's a beauty no doubt and suits Kerry perfectly. Not surprised you made her happy. How like you to find a silver lining to the dark clouds of Archie's illness. You are a fine example to us all. Xxx

  19. you do make me giggle (re: the last paragraph)

  20. This is gorgeous, Helen. the pattern and colour are both really stunning! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and the new-to-shawl-making blogger choose to make next time :)

  21. It's so beautiful and Kerry looks lovely wrapped in it.


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