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A kindness of quilters

I'm not sure whether there's an official collective noun for a group of quilters and although the possibilities are endless (a creative, a thread, a bundle, etc.) I'm going to petition for 'a kindness of quilters' to become the description.

Over the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to receive some wonderfully generous parcels through my letterbox - some were completely unexpected and some were half expected but they are all fabulous.  So, whilst many other bloggers are writing about how friendly and welcoming quilters are (as well as talented and generous!) I want to share just how incredibly kind this community of ours is - I feel blessed to be a part of it!

The first thing I want to share is a giveaway prize.  I won a wonderful giveaway to celebrate lovely Liz@Lizsquilts' first year of blogging and this is what she sent...

From Liz

Thirteen (yes, thirteen!) FQs of Heirloom (and unlike many of you (Sarah!), I wouldn't have known what it was if Liz hadn't mentioned it on her blog!).  It's the most beautiful fabric - gorgeous, rich colours and patterns that will fussy cut really well and I'm really looking forward to using it!  After, of course, I've stroked and admired it for a few more weeks!

The delicious Deb@SimplyMissLuella sent me the most wonderful parcel of fabric, including some Sherbet Pips Puppies for my red and white quilt.  (I have a collection of red and white fabric and a desire to make a quilt, despite having nothing red in the house!, but I can't seem to decide which of the many designs whizzing round my head I'm actually going to make!).  Before I saw Deb's gorgeous red and white quilt I hadn't thought of using the puppies but now I'm going to make sure I show them to their best advantage!

Here's a photo (shamelessly pinched from Deb's blog - I hope she doesn't mind?!) of her fabulous quilt

Deb's red and white quilt

And here's the marvellous parcel of fabric she sent

From Deb
I've come to the conclusion that my camera doesn't like green - it never turns out right!

I also received two splendid parcels from Northern Ireland...

From Judith

Glamorous Jude sent some gorgeous green prints and some 'sorry you can't go to the retreat' Union Jack ribbon (I love it!).  She also sent a marvellous green unpicker but that missed the photo shoot as it was busy's so much better than the one I've been using because it's sharper but also because it's bright green!  I was going to use the fabric in my hexies but I think I'm going to save it and make either a zipped pouch or a sunglasses case, I just can't decide which!  

And the always wonderful Karen (she's also kind but the alliteration is starting to drive me batty!) sent me the earrings I won in her giveaway back in *ahem* February (!), a wonderful notebook and some lovely gift tags

From Karen

My final parcel came from oh-so-kind-and-generous Fiona.  She asked if I would be interested in giving her Rose Star block a home as she thought it would work well with my hexies and I, of course, jumped at her kind offer.  Not only did she send the gorgeous block (which is going to be appliquéd onto either a cushion or a pillow) but she sent me a honey bun (I told her I'd never met a jelly roll or honey bun in real life - I live a sheltered life! - so she raided her stash and sent me the most wonderful HB imaginable!)

From Fiona

I haven't yet decided what to make with the Aviary HB - maybe some cushions for my conservatory? 

Fiona also sent some biscuits for Archie...

Can I look yet?

My favourite!  Biscuits!  Yum!

I'm sure they were in here somewhere...

What have you put them in there for?  I wanted one...okay, five!

I've gone off you...

He did get one eventually but it didn't happen as quickly as he'd have liked!

So, what do you think...a kindness of quilters?  I think so!

Thank you so much to Deb, Fiona, Jude, Karen and Liz - your parcels meant more to me than you can ever imagine.  I feel truly blessed to know you and to be able to call you friends, even if I didn't get to meet (most of) you at that little get together thing you went to at the weekend.  I'm not sure but I  think it was in London(Which I've loved reading about - I had such a good time following along on Twitter over the weekend!)  It would be lovely if you visited one or two (or all!) of these lovely ladies and told them how brilliant they are!

I'm off for my tea (I forgot to eat dinner, again!) but I'll hopefully be back soon to either show you my progress on Stained (slow) or some embroidery (even slower but it combines Summersville and Pezzy Prints!) - be good whilst I'm gone!

P.S.  I've changed the font - any opinions?  Or didn't notice and don't really care either way?!


  1. Font looks fine - when you mentioned it at the end I thought 'oh is is too small?' but I didn't think it when reading... go figure!

    What a lovely bunch of coconuts! Especially the DS from Deb!


  2. Wow def a lot kindness going on!
    I've never met a jelly roll either, and I dont know what a honeybun is??

  3. The kindness of quilters was very well deserved. Enjoy all that wonderful fabric. And I love that photo of Archie where he has gone off you!

  4. Beautiful fabrics sent your way Helen....isn't it the nicest feeling. See; I'm not the only lucky one here....we all like to give as well as receive.

  5. lucky you! quilters are amazing people aren't they! have fun figuring out how to use your fabric.

  6. love Fionas star and the heirloom fabic, I havn't seen that before, its lovely. Glad you got lots of goodies

  7. What wonderful mail you have received. And Deborah really IS wonderful! We just had coffee together this morning. Would have been fun to have you join us!

  8. Yes the kindness of quilters is pretty special. Heirloom is a great range. I've used it in several bags. Love that ribbon too! Can't wait to see what you do with all these goodies!

  9. A definite kindness of quilters, looking forward to seeing what you do with it all :o)

  10. Ooh lots of pretties.... none as much as the archiballs himself mind...

  11. Oh so glad you got more than me, you can get the hate mail for a change LOL. Wow you got some fabulous stuff Hun, loving the Heirloom FQs. Quilters are a lovely bunch it never ceases to amaze me....And now for a telling off... do NOT miss dinner, or I will have to come and sort you out!!! :-) Hugs xxx

  12. What amazing parcels to receive in the post. You must have been jumping for joy when you saw them all! Cameras are funny things mine hates orange. =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D

  13. Sorry, never even noticed a change in font size!

    I think a kindness of quilters must be right!What a good collective noun!
    And I am sure Archies biscuits were all the better for anticipation!

  14. Kind hearted quilters definitely. You have been well catered for. Have fun deciding what to make. Di x

  15. Boy did you ever strike it rich!! Lovely things you got in the mail.

  16. Font looks good, as do your wonderful packages! I had a honeybun of Hunky Dory and with the addition of a solid it was just perfect for a diamond lap quilt, seen here. It wasn't difficult at all - it's assembled like a log cabin, but with diamond centers.

  17. Those are wonderful packages, there are some special fabrics in those piles. I look forward to seeing the quilts you make with them.

  18. I "know" many of those senders and it just makes me smile to see that they have sent you such great fabrics. You have lots to do!

  19. Yes, a kindness of quilters is a very apt description. Love all your parcels. I have been quilting for 15 years and have made some most amazingly kind quilting friends who support each other through all the nasties and joys that life throws at us. Quilters are special people!

  20. Lucky you - definitely 'a kindness of quilters'. I especially love the heirloom :)

  21. I'm forever in awe of the generosity of quilters. I've never known anything like it.

    Enjoy fondling your new stash additions.

  22. I like that - a kindness - I'd probably have gone for an obsession of quilters but yours is better! I've used loads of Joel Dewberry's Heirloom fabric, it's gorgeous isn't it? I made a quilt for my sister out of it and my dad loved it so much that I'm making him the same one - unheard of for me to make the same quilt twice!

  23. You gotta love this quilting community! Enjoy all your lovelies! Jxo

  24. fabulous fabric packages - can't wait to see what you make from them - just this week I ordered some of the heirloom - such lovely fabric :) and what a sweety fiona is sending the boy some biscuits !


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