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Finish-Along Q1 2017

Rhonda's [Quilt] Ramblings

Can you believe that it's the start of a new FAL year?  I can't!  Once again, I find myself copying and pasting last quarter's list and making minimal changes (apart from adding some new things to the bottom), but a few of the long-standing projects should be crossed off the list very soon, so watch this space!  I found having the quarter in which the projects first appeared on a FAL list to be quite motivating, so I'm going to continue with that.

1. (Q2 2013) I have the binding sewn on the front of this quilt and am slowly stitching down the back. 
Blue and white quilt - nearly there!

2. (Q2 2014)  I've made good progress with the hand quilting on this quilt (my Christmas Cherry quilt, based on the Made In Cherry pattern by Sarah Fielke), and have now quilted three (of four) big background triangles and am hoping to finish the fourth before I put it away.  I may even continue working on it later than the end of January (which is when it usually gets put away) as I would like this finished before the end of the decade. 
Hand quilting progress.

3 and 4. (Q3 2015) I'm making two cushions to go with the blue and white quilt, using the bonus triangles created when I made the snowball blocks.  Unfortunately, I  haven't managed to use them all up, so the rest of the triangles may be making a reappearance on a later list!  These  have previously appeared as one item, but, to be frank, there's an awful lot of work in them so I'm listing them separately this time as I think they deserve to be treated as separate finishes, even though they're nigh on identical.
Blue and white hst cushion 1

Blue and white hst cushion 2

5 and 6. (Q1 2016) Mam and I need a bag to take our cutting boards and rulers to workshops.  We don't usually go to the same one so we can easily share a bag rather than having one each.  (I'm not quite sure why I've been landed with the job when she takes her board far more often and will probably use the bag much more!)  We got this off-cut (with an extra 30% off!) just before Christmas (2015) and I'm just going to make a simple bag (French seams, no lining, short handles) for the board (item 5) and then a padded pouch for the 24" x 8.5" ruler (item 6).  I'll use the curtain fabric for the mat bag and the canvas for the ruler bag, unless there's more fabric in that bag than I think.  (That's right, I haven't even opened the bag!)

Cutting mat and ruler bag

7. (Q4 2014)  This is a cushion kit which I won from Kerry/Seamstar.  It's been on my list for a while now and I have made some progress since this photo was taken: I've ironed all the fabric!

Cushion cover kit

8. (Q3 2015)  A friend bought me this lovely embroidery outline a while ago and I'd love to make it into a pouch.  (Yes, another one!)
Seaside embroidery

9. (Q3 2015)  This project has been long in the planning (well, more long in the fabric collecting and thinking!) and was going to be simple squares with lots of hand quilting.  I've slightly changed my plan and it will now be a sort of scrappy trip quilt, inspired by Lynz's version.  I have some gorgeous low volume strips (sent by a wee treasure!) to add to these, they're in the photo below this one, and I've bought three shades of aqua/turquoise which will create diagonal accents in the pattern.

Pale scrappy trip
LV strips

10. (Q4 2015)  This table runner (block pattern by Reene Witchard - find it here) is now ready for quilting. 

11. (Q4 2015)  This is also going to become a table runner for my new coffee table, once I can bring myself to cut into the embroidered (not by me!)  table cloth!
Liberty and linen

12. (Q1 2015)  Oh, this poor quilt!  It's been on several of my FAL lists and was, briefly, a finish.  Then I realised that there was a problem with the quilting (the bobbin thread keeps snapping) and I've been meaning to replace the quilting.  I've done one line (with different stitch length and tension from the first time) but, I'll be honest, it's mind-numbing work.  I'm going to change my plan slightly and replace the lines where threads have snapped and then leave the rest but quilt in the ditch of all the sashing strips.  That should be enough to stop the bias stretch on the quilt, which, I think, is exacerbating the problem with the quilting.  If it doesn't, I might quilt in the ditch round the grey block borders.  I have to be careful not to add too much quilting as it's already bound but I'm hoping I'll get away with it...

Drunkard's Path quilt - the front

13. (Q1 2016)  These are the last remnants of the grey and yellow fabric that Mam bought to make her sewing machine cover and I'm hoping to cobble something together to use them all up.  Two pieces have wadding fused to the back (the result of a miscalculation) and I'm planning to make a storage basket with these last oddly-sized bits.
Leftover grey and yellow

14. (Q1 2016)  At the end of last year, Hadley had a 'win my WIP' giveaway in order to foist her hexies onto someone else pass on a lovely project and I was the lucky winner.  I'm going to turn these into (yet another) table runner, once I've quilted it.  I've layered it and marked the first set of quilting lines.

15. (Q2 2016)   I'm making a mini quilt from the test block (and friends) for my Oakshott runner.
2016-07-05 21.31.40

16. (Q2 2016)  I have been planning this quilt since at least 2013 and would like to at least make a start on prepping blocks.  I have a range of backgrounds can't decide whether to go scrappy or not, which is why I have quite a lot of some of them) and some gorgeous Oakshott (Scandinavian, I think).  The block pattern is in the photo and I've already completed a test block.  (See the fabrics third and fourth down from the stack of grey/white background fabrics?  They're supposed to be the same colour...)
Pointy points

17. (Q2 2016)  If I don't get the pointy points quilt started, it would be nice to make progress on my ET quilt instead.  I have two blocks pieced and pieces cut for more blocks (but not enough background to make a whole block).  One more completed block would be nice!

18. (Q2 2016)  I need to quilt the table runner I made for my 2016 FAL tutorial:

19. (Q2 2016)  I'd like to make a sewing machine mat out of the remnants of the fabric I bought for my trug and sewing machine accessories.
Remaining scraps

20. (Q3 2016) I need to turn this piece of embroidered ticking into a pouch (with detachable strap) for my ipod.

This bit of embroidery will, at some point, become a small bag so I have somewhere to put my ipod when I'm having a wander with Eddie or stitching in the garden.

21. (Q3 2016) I'm going to knit myself another pair of socks, using the same toe-up pattern as the pair I've just finished.  I now have two identical sets of dpns so I can start knitting both socks at the same time, in an attempt to get them matching!

This morning I wasn't sure I'd knit a second pair of socks, this afternoon I bought yarn for them! I think I'll go cuff down for these and see which I prefer.

22. (Q3 2016) I've started a bag for me
Bag for me

23. (Q4 2016) I'm going to turn this pink pin cord into a round neck pinafore version of the Kate dress:

24. (Q4 2016) This black and white lawn is going to be a Kate dress

25. (Q4 2016) This rather 80s winter sports print (it really could be from then as it came out of someone's loft!) is going to become a version of the Kate dress, possibly with a v neck and long/elbow length sleeves.

26. (Q4 2016) I started these jama bottoms in 2013 - they're made from an old quilt cover.
#sewphotohop Bonus Day: PJ party I don't yet have a pair of handmade jama bottoms because I still haven't finished them, despite starting them in 2013! They're made from an old quilt cover and I'm using the embroidered section from across the bottom to ad

27. (Q4 2016) I'm going to make another pair of jama bottoms from this rather snazzy fabric, which I think my mam bought my brother in the early 90s when he made himself a few cushions for his room.
jama bottoms

28, 29 and 30. (Q4 2016)  More socks!

31. (Q4 2016) This fabric is going to become my second Everyday Blouse
Everyday blouse

32. (Q4 2016)  A friend bought me this lovely fabric to make a drawstring bag for my knitting.  The one Jan gave me is really handy, so I'd like another about the same size.
Drawstring bag

33 and 34. (Q4 2016) I bought this yarn in a sale to make a couple of friends a feather and fan scarf, maybe for Christmas 2017?!
Mam needed some buttons for her cardi so we popped to our lys. They had a sale on so I got these to make shawls/scarves for a couple of friends' Christmas presents. (£1.95 a ball.)

New items

35 and 36.  It wouldn't be a Finish-Along list without a Lola pouch or two, now would it?!  I want to make another couple (the small size, I think), one with one (or more) quarter inch accent strips (in the pink floral) and the other with an inset strip of hedgehogs marching across the pouch.
Fabric for a Lola pouch - the pink print will be an accent strip. Colours look better in real life, I  think the bright white background has confused matters!

Fabric for a Lola pouch - the hedgehogs will be an accent strip and they will march across the pouch. I hope.

37. Mam bought me four balls of baby cashmerino to knit a scarf.  It's hopefully going to be mine, but if I can't wear it (I struggle to wear most yarns, even completely acrylic ones), then she'll get it!  I'm thinking of using the stitch patterns in the pebble beach shawl (which I finished last quarter), but with no shaping.  If I haven't got enough yarn for that, then I think I'll go for some sort of zigzag stitch pattern.  Again, that depends on how the swatches turn out.
These are going to become a scarf for me. Probably using the pebble beach shawl stitch patterns but in straight lines, but it depends if I have enough yarn. If not, a zigzag pattern.

38.  I need to make a business card holder for my sister-in-law, who makes the most wonderful wedding stationery.  These are her new cards, and the fabric is a table runner she used to have out at Christmas but which has wax splodges on it.  If this fabric isn't suitable for all of it (need to work out how to stabilise a press stud or some sort of fastening), then I'll try to use a bit of it as a feature strip.
I need to use some of this fabric (if possible) and make a business card holder for my sister in law, who makes the most wonderful wedding stationery.

39.  This is a re-entry to the list!  I made this storage basket last year, to keep by the front door with my handbag and brolly in.  Unfortunately, my concerns about its sturdiness have been realised and I need to add some support between the lining and the outer, as it spends most of its time looking like this, which isn't particularly attractive.  (Sorry about the poor photo, light levels are low today!)  I have a sturdy cardboard box put by, but if that doesn't work I may end up buying a basket (something like a magazine rack would do) and cutting this up to make pouches.  Or turning it upside down and adapting it into a sewing machine cover.
Back on the FAL list it goes! I need to add something between the outer and lining of this storage basket (for my handbag and brolly) as it usually looks like this, which isn't the best look. If I can't find something suitable (I have a sturdy cardboard b

40.  Mam wants a pouch for her ipad.  She has a protective cover for it, but would feel safer if it also had a padded pouch to live in.  I've chosen these fabrics, and I need to get some Vilene Style-Vil for the padding.
Pouch for Mam

Look at that, my list is shorter than last quarter!  (Only by one item, but still!)

Is anyone else joining (or retaining membership) of the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang this quarter?  I'm sure I'm not going to be alone...

Meanwhile, as well as keeping my nose to the grindstone (and wielding his big stick!), Archie is resolved to spend more time looking for evidence of visits from the food fairy.  She definitely exists and in the past month has brought him two miniature pastries, a chunk of pitta bread, two pieces of unidentified cake (possibly parkin) and a piece of bread.

Uh oh, I think she caught me looking...oops!


  1. I love your pointy points quilt and the ET quilt projects! And I can so relate to the sock WIPs. I actually bought enough whool for two pairs of socks last winter and since I hadn't even started in November, I wished for them to be completed for christmas. I now have one finished pair of warm socks that I can wear around the house. Warm feet for christmas - almost sounds like a christmas movie title :)

  2. 40? I admire your ambition! I will now go and see what I can find

  3. Ok, now that I have finished hyperventilating at the length of your list, I think that the most sensible plan of action is for your to teach Archie, and maybe Eddie too, to sew. Then you can set them manageable tasks in trade for Tuna and reduce that list somewhat, ok? Seriously though, there are many lovely great projects on there. I can't wait to see those blue and white HST cushions finished and I really love the embroidered ticking fabric. Did you embroider it, or did it come like that? I also started to date my WIP and UFO lists in the sidebars of my blog. It is a helpful reminder that things should be finished before too many more starts (most of the time). Looking forward to watching you reduce that list over the quarter(s). x

  4. that is some list but if you break it down it really is less then one project a week and still get a holiday in there ... go for it

  5. I'm trying to avoid big scary lists at the moment! Good luck with yours and it's always fun to watch your progress on IG!

  6. Your list makes me feel better about mine. This is my first time participating and looking at everyone's short lists made me feel like I was overly doing it. I'm better now ;) THANKS!

  7. 40!!! This is my first time at this and I definately don't have that many UFO's! Thank heavens!!!! I'm trying to busy in my retirement so I'll get mine up soon! I'll keep checking back to see how you're doing too")

    1. Thank you! I've already got some finishes under my belt, I just need to blog about them!

  8. 4o. Wow! I think I feel somewhat better about my 16. You'll still probably finish all of yours before I get half-done with mine.

  9. Wow, some list. Good luck and motivation tackling those =)

  10. Hi Helen! :) I LOVE your #ridiculouslylongFALlist and you know darn well I'm in it too. I just can't help myself. Oh! Look! A new CAL / QAL / SAL!!! LOL ;)

  11. I'm definitely an early card carrying member of #ridiculouslylongFALlist!

  12. #ridiculouslylongfallist! Lol! I thought mine was long til I saw yours!! I really need to make both a laptop and a tablet you have a go to pattern you like, or do you just wing it? Have fun with the Wonder Dog! He is so handsome!

  13. Wow that is some list, but I'm a firm believer is writing it down to keep yourself accountable, and even if you don't finish all of it, some of it is better than none of it.

  14. Wow that is some list!! All such gorgeous projects and as I came to each table runner I thought how lovely they would be! Do you switch them over or do you have a lot of tables? ;)
    I can't wait to see your finishes this quarter! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.

  15. That's an epic list - and somehow I do think you'll make more progress than many of us - more power to your sewing elbow I say! Saira (@sewingontheqt)


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