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Finish-Along Q3 2016

Finish A Long 2016

Lots and lots and lots of this will look familiar *hangs head in shame*  Lots and lots of these look exactly the same as they did at the start of quarter two *head gets lower*  Many of them look exactly the same as they did at the start of quarter one *lower still*  Some of them have been on the list for over a year *sinks on the floor in a heap*  I think my report would say must try harder!

1. I'm hoping to start hand quilting this quilt at some point this quarter. No, really I do!  I won't get much done, but if I can make a start then I'll be happy! 

2.  I need to start machine quilting the background round the (hand quilted) star, ready for more hand quilting over Christmas.  This is my Christmas Cherry quilt (based on the Made In Cherry pattern by Sarah Fielke). 
Quilted star

3.  I'm planning to make two 'bolster' cushions to go with the blue and white quilt and intend to use the 508 'bonus' HSTs which resulted from making the snowball blocks.  I need to decide how to arrange them.

4.  I need to turn this pulled thread work into a pin cushion.
Pulled thread

5 and 6.  Mam and I need a bag to take our cutting boards and rulers to workshops.  We don't usually go to the same one so we can easily share a bag rather than having one each.  (I'm not quite sure why I've been landed with the job when she takes her board far more often and will probably use the bag much more!)  We got this off-cut (with an extra 30% off!) just before Christmas (2015) and I'm just going to make a simple bag (French seams, no lining, short handles) for the board (item 5) and then a padded pouch for the 24" x 8.5" ruler (item 6).  I'll use the curtain fabric for the mat bag and the canvas for the ruler bag, unless there's more fabric in that bag than I think.  (That's right, I haven't even opened the bag!)

Cutting mat and ruler bag

7.  I only have one Christmas/winter cushion and that obviously needs rectifying.  I have 32 mini charms (not sure what I've done with the rest!) and the remains of a plain white charm pack and a plan involving hexagons - I'm going to make a Christmas version of this cushion.

Christmas cushion plans

8.  This is a cushion kit which I won from Kerry/Seamstar.  It's been on my list for a while now and I have made some progress since this photo was taken: I've ironed all the fabric!

Cushion cover kit

9.  A friend bought me this lovely embroidery outline (is that the right term?) a while ago and I'd love to make it into a pouch.  (Yes, another one!

Seaside embroidery

10.  This project has been long in the planning (well, more long in the fabric collecting and thinking!) and was going to be simple squares with lots of hand quilting.  I've slightly changed my plan and it will now be a scrappy trip quilt, inspired by Lynz's version.  I have some gorgeous low volume strips (sent by a wee treasure!) to add to these, they're in the photo below this one.

Pale scrappy trip
LV strips

11.  This table runner (block pattern by Reene Witchard - find them here) was started in Q4 2015 and it's now ready for layering and quilting.  (I even have the backing and wadding sorted.)

12.  This is also going to become a table runner for my new coffee table, once I can bring myself to cut into the embroidered (not by me!)  table cloth!
Liberty and linen

13.  This is the result of a paisley free hand embroidery workshop and, when it's eventually finished, this will become the front panel of a Lola pouch.

Paisley birds

14.  Oh, this poor quilt!  It's been on several of my FAL lists and was, briefly, a finish.  Then I realised that there was a problem with the quilting (the bobbin thread keeps snapping) and I've been meaning to replace the quilting.  I've done one line (with different stitch length and tension from the first time) but, I'll be honest, it's mind-numbing work.  I'm going to change my plan slightly and replace the lines where threads have snapped and then leave the rest but quilt in the ditch of all the sashing strips.  That should be enough to stop the bias stretch on the quilt, which, I think, is exacerbating the problem with the quilting.  If it doesn't, I might quilt in the ditch round the grey block borders.  I have to be careful not to add too much quilting as it's already bound but I'm hoping I'll get away with it...

Drunkard's Path quilt - the front

15.  These are the last remnants of the grey and yellow fabric that Mam bought to make her sewing machine cover and I'm hoping to cobble something together to use them all up.  Two pieces have wadding fused to the back (the result of a miscalculation) and I'm planning to make a storage basket with these last oddly-sized bits.
Leftover grey and yellow

16.  Last quarter, Hadley had a 'win my WIP' giveaway in order to foist her hexies onto someone else pass on a lovely project and I was the lucky winner.  I'm going to turn these into (yet another) table runner, once I've quilted it.  I've layered it and marked the first set of quilting lines.

17.   I'm making a mini quilt from the test block (and friends) for my Oakshott runner:
2016-07-05 21.31.40

18.  I have been planning this quilt since at least 2013 and would like to at least make a start on prepping blocks.  I have a range of backgrounds can't decide whether to go scrappy or not, which is why I have quite a lot of some of them) and some gorgeous Oakshott (Scandinavian, I think).  The block pattern is in the photo and I've already completed a test block.  (See the fabrics third and fourth up from the bottom?  They're supposed to be the same colour...)
Pointy points

19.  If I don't get the pointy points quilt started, it would be nice to make progress on my ET quilt instead.  I have two blocks pieced and pieces cut for more blocks (but not enough background to make a whole block).  One more completed block would be nice!

20.  I also need to start preparing for the FAL tutorial I need to provide in January 2017 (yes, really!).  I'm going to make a table runner from these gorgeous Oakshott fabrics:
(yet another) Table runner

21.  I'd like to make a sewing machine mat out of the remnants of the fabric I bought for my trug and sewing machine accessories:
Remaining scraps

22.  Lynz and I have started another leisurely knit-along.  This time we're making the Pebble Beach shawl, and I've made a start:
I'm catching up, @ochil_lynz! (Row 13) I'm off to find a couple of highlighters so I can find the RS and WS rows more easily on the chart! #lynzandhelenknitashawl

23.  I need to finish my Kate dress.  I altered the pattern before cutting out my (hopefully wearable) toile and now need to make another couple of tiny adjustments to the pattern before adjusting the pieces and sewing it together:

24.  I need to turn this piece of embroidered ticking into a pouch (with detachable strap) for my ipod:

This bit of embroidery will, at some point, become a small bag so I have somewhere to put my ipod when I'm having a wander with Eddie or stitching in the garden.

25. I'm going to knit myself another pair of socks, using the same toe-up pattern as the pair I've just finished:

This morning I wasn't sure I'd knit a second pair of socks, this afternoon I bought yarn for them! I think I'll go cuff down for these and see which I prefer.

26.  I'm knitting a pair of socks for myself in dk yarn, using the top-down pattern shown:

I've done my swatch and been to my lys to get dpns (3.25mm). I've got my basic pattern (which I'm going to slightly alter, no surprise there!) and my stitch count (thanks, @ochil_lynz!) which means I'm ready to go, @sleepinsarah! #socksforaweegem

27.  I'm knitting a pair of socks for Sarah using the same pattern as the pair above:

Trying again, hopefully this time with the right yarn! Is this better, @sleepinsarah?!! #numpty #makingsocksforaweegem

28.  Archie has requested a new collar.  In yellow:
Collar for Archie

29. Mam has requested two cushions for her recently painted front room:
Two cushions for Mam

30. And a table runner for her dining table:
Table runner for Mam

31 and 32. I want to make two Lola pouches (one large, one small) from this indigo fabric:
Two Lola pouches

33. I've started a bag for me:
Bag for me

34. (*sobs*) And I'd like to alter the Kate dress pattern to make a pinafore out of this pin cord:
Pinafore for me
Sorry, it's a bit blurry!  Not in real life, I hasten to add!

Ahem!!  *coughs meaningfully*

You do know your#2016fal list is supposed to get shorter, not longer, don't you? The idea is that you finish more than you start. Finishing six things last quarter is all well and good, but not up to snuff if you add twelve things to the list this quarter...

Anyone else fancy joining me in the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang?! I don't stand a chance of finishing even a quarter of my list, but I'm going to give it a go!


  1. oh my, I thought I had long lists this year. These are all such great projects, I wonder which you will work on first - maybe several at once.

  2. If you finished this list I would fly to congratulate youin person! Good Luck!

  3. Well I did think we had a bit of a competition going on for the longest list - you outdid me last time and I guess you are going for the Guiness Book of Records now! Lots of lovely things! Some of my favourites - so nice to see them again!

  4. I'm going with a longish list too - I'll only finish a very few items on it, but I never know what I'm going to get either the time or the inclination for! I can say though that knitted socks are pretty consistently progressed (I won't say finished) as they're my most portable project for train journeys etc. Sadly I don't think that I can get away with knitting on them in meetings - I'm supposed to look like I'm paying attention :-D. I also find a long list is good for reminding me wxactly how many projects I've already started - it does stop me starting too may more!

    I think you've acheived a lot - and this list is looking really intersting. Am going to enjoy seeing what you work on.

  5. Oh Archie . . thats almost insurmountable you poor Woofy.
    Get Helen to do them . . .she's a wizz I believe.
    My List has 22 UFO's on it and doesn't include Pre - Millenia Stuff .
    I'll only get one done realistically . . and maybe not even that . . because I am off OS soon and won't be back until the FAL Q3 is nearly over. Maybe I'll bring my UFOs OS with me and Helen can help me finish them!!! :)

  6. Wow Helen, that's quite a list!

  7. I love your list! Wanna switch? *Can you see the big cheesy grin on my face from there?* LOL It's nice to see others with yarn goodies on their lists too. :) Those yarns you are using are so beautiful! You have some beautifl WIPs for sure. I'd be scared to cut into the vintage? embroidered table cloth too. But I'd also want to turn it into something else as well. It's what I adore most - upcycling linens. And I LOVE the #ridiculouslylongFALlist gang!!! You can definately count me in! If I'm remembering correctly, my count is somewhere near 60... YIKES! I can't even grasp saying that! However, I DID finish 99% of one of mine this morning. :D Good luck on your list!

  8. So many great projects, love the cushion cover with the V and Co. fabric! Your low volumes look great!


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