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Finish-Along Q1 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

1.  Dresden plate - this is going to be a little quilt and I'm just about to start appliquéing the inner plate.  Then I can think about adding some embroidery (and a centre, and possibly some trapunto) before quilting (by hand, probably).

Dresden mini

2.  When I entered Katy's giveaway (March 2014), I promised that I would take Mr Fancy Pants Pouch on a trip to Whitby for an ice cream and a stagger up the 199 steps (followed by a very, very, very long rest at the top.  And a cake.); I need to get him made so I can keep my promise.

Mr Fancy Pants Pouch
Mr Fancy Pants Pouch

3.  This felt embroidery has been on my FAL list before and I didn't do anything with it.  I've now decided to put it in this frame, embroidered (possibly) onto some sort of background (possibly a solid the same shade as that plummy-pink felt?).  Once I decide what I'm doing and find the right background, this could be quite a rapid finish!  (It wasn't to be so it's appearing on another list and hoping it's the final time.)

Felt picture
Felt embroidery

4.  This is the first thing I quilted when I was learning to quilt with a hoop and two thimbles (before this I used neither but the pain got too much and it was either learn a new way of hand quilting or give up!) and is going to become a cushion, possibly with pale pink binding.

Hand quilted panel
Hand quilted panel - this desperately needs a press!

5.  I made this test block before I committed to making a whole quilt of these wonderful ET block (designed by Lynnepattern here) and then put it aside once the excitement of the 'real' project took over.  This is going to become a little quilt for my sewing room wall.
ET test block
ET block - Something else which is also desperate for a press!

6.  Nicky kindly sent me the hardware to make my own clock and I thought these 10" squares would make lovely feature fabrics in a clock block.  I have a block in mind (this hexy), I just need to scale it up and decide on fabric placement.


7.   I'm the proud owner of a sewing machine print by Emily and I want to turn it into a little quilt for my sewing room wall (yes, I think this is the quarter of the little quilt!).  I'm pondering adding some embroidery but I'm worried that might spoil it!

Sewing machine print
Sewing machine print

8.  This is going to be a cushion...eventually!

Aqua and grey cushion - the colour is dreadful in this photo, sorry!  There's a much better photo here 

9.  I won this fabulous cushion cover kit from Seamstar when Kerry had a giveaway (May 2014) and now is the time to make it, I hope!!
Cushion cover kit
Seamstar cushion kit

10.  I know I'm not going to get Christmas Cherry (based on the Made in Cherry quilt by Sarah Fielke) quilt finished in a quarter (or even in a year!) but I'm putting it on my list anyway!

Christmas Cherry quilt layers, about to be tacked

I've done six lines and have many, many to go but there's no rush (good job!) so I'm just going to plod on.

Quilting progress

11.  The hexy quilt is making a reappearance on the list - if I concentrate on this (rather than any other hand sewing) then I could possibly get this finished this quarter.  It's more likely to be finished in the second quarter but once I put Christmas Cherry away (probably at the end of January) then this will probably be my hand sewing project of choice.

Hexy quilting progress

12.  Another project making a reappearance is the blue and white quilt - I'm going to try to piece at least another section (25 blocks) each month and keep this thing moving towards being finished, I'm getting sick of having it hanging around!

41% of the quilt top

13.  This project has been on my FAL list and has also appeared in a 'FAL finishes' post but it's no longer finished as there's a problem with the quilting and the bobbin thread keeps snapping.  I repaired one section and then a few hours later, another three threads snapped (and were joined by another couple in the next few days) so there's something wrong somewhere.  I have no idea what I'm going to to, other than replace all the quilting a line at a time (without removing the binding) but I need to get to the bottom of the problem first...

Drunkard's Path quilt - the front

When is a finish not a finish?

14.  (Late addition - added on 14th January, before the linky party closes so I hope it's okay to add it!) I really need to take up the sleeves on my winter coat by about 1.25".  I've been wearing it for a year now and have just folded the excess inside the sleeve (you can see the crease in the right-hand photo) but I need to get it sorted!  (I don't usually have this problem (just the opposite, in fact!) but this is from Long Tall Sally and although their tops have an ideal sleeve length for me, the sleeves on this coat are too long - probably partly because it's a touch big but it's not the warmest coat in the world so I wanted to be able to get a thick jumper/micro fleece under it in really cold weather.)

coat sleeves

Archie is going to hopefully keep an eye on my progress (although, at the time of writing (9th January 2015), he's not on top form as his back has flared up again and he's on strict cage rest - paws and fingers crossed would be much appreciated)...



  1. Wow - you've got some awesome projects on the go there! Looking forward to seeing more of them. :-)


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