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Finish-Along Q1 2016

Finish-A-Long 2016

1. This quilt will, once again, be my machine sewing focus for the quarter - anyone else sick of it?!  I need to quilt diagonally through the centre of the nine patches (I've already done one set of diagonals and the ditches horizontally and vertically) and then I can move to hand quilting something (a heart?) in the snowballs.  It won't be finished this quarter but I hope to be ready to start the hand quilting at the beginning of the next quarter!

Blue and white quilt

2.  My hand sewing focus for the quarter will be my Christmas Cherry quilt (based on the Made In Cherry pattern by Sarah Fielke).  Again, there's no way it'll be finished this quarter but I'm making steady progress with hand quilting the big star and I'd like to think that the star will be nigh on quilted by the end of the quarter. 

Christmas Cherry

3.  I'm planning to make two 'bolster' cushions to go with the blue and white quilt and intend to use the 508 'bonus' HSTs which resulted from making the snowball blocks.  I need to decide how to arrange them but I have done a little playing!  (And very little nothing else!)

4.  I've just started this pulled thread work (it will become a pin cushion at some point!) and would like to at least keep it ticking over so I don't forget what I'm doing!

Pulled thread

5.  Mam and I need a bag to take our cutting boards and rulers to workshops.  We don't usually go to the same one so we can easily share a bag rather than having one each.  (I'm not quite sure why I've been landed with the job when she takes her board far more often and will probably use the bag much more!)  We got this off-cut (with an extra 30% off!) just before Christmas and I've rummaged in my loft to find this piece of canvas for the lining - it's not the prettiest fabric but it'll provide nice structure.  The bag will need two padded pockets (one for the 24" ruler and one for square rulers), as well as handles and, possibly, a magnetic catch.  Not the most exciting project I've ever listed, but it'll come in handy!

Cutting mat and ruler bag

6.  I have plans for this tape measure and this would be a nice easy bit of hand stitching if I need a break from the secret project.

I have plans for this tape measure!

7.  In December, I realised that I only have one Christmas/winter cushion, so this is the start of me changing that.  I have 32 mini charms (not sure what I've done with the rest!) and the remains of a plain white charm pack and I'm hoping that hexagons will be involved.  (They will, I've just decided!)

Christmas cushion plans

8.  This is a cushion kit which I won from Kerry/Seamstar.  It's been on my list for a while now and I have made some progress since this photo was taken: I've ironed all the fabric!

Cushion cover kit

9.  A friend bought me this lovely embroidery outline (is that the right term?) a while ago and I'd love to make it into something.  No idea what that something will be yet (or rather, I can't decide between options!) but I can think about that while I stitch!

Seaside embroidery

10.  This project has been long in the planning (well, more long in the fabric collecting and thinking!) and was going to be simple squares with lots of hand quilting.  I've slightly changed my plan and it will now be a scrappy trip quilt, inspired by Lynz's version.  I have some gorgeous low volume strips (sent by a wee treasure!) to add to these, they're in the photo below this one.

Pale scrappy trip

LV strips

11.  This table runner (block pattern by Reene Witchard - find them here) was a new hand piecing project last quarter and I made really good progress until I came to a complete halt, isn't that always the way?

Rosettes table runner

12.  This is also going to become a table runner for my new coffee table, once I can bring myself to cut into the embroidered (not by me!)  table cloth!
Liberty and linen

13.  I need a storage basket to keep next to the front door for all those bits and pieces that I sometimes need in my handbag (brolly, tape measure, sun cream, etc.) and thought that a quilted piece of fabric would be just the thing.  I ordered this fabric (Rain in mist) for another project but don't like the colour (it's one of those greeny greys), so I'm going to see how much I can use up in this project.  (It's also being used as lining on a few pouches, but more of that later in the list!)

Storage basket plans

14.  This is the result of a paisley free hand embroidery workshop (I promise I did lots of thinking, sketching and planning, not just this tiny bit of split stitch!) and, when it's eventually finished, this will become the front panel of a Lola pouch.

Paisley embroidery

15.  I need another large Lola pouch as they're the perfect size for a dpn knitting project.  I'll use some of that pale (greeny) grey fabric from item 13 as the lining.  (And yes, I need to iron the fabric!)

Large Lola pouch plans

16. I also need another small Lola pouch in which to keep my sewing machine accessories.  I have this fabric left from making a trug (and some other accessories which I've just realised I haven't blogged about), I just need to find a zip.  Looking at that selvedge, it might be a bright pink zip.
Lola pouch for me

17.  Oh, this poor quilt!  It's been on several of my FAL lists and was, briefly, a finish.  Then I realised that there was a problem with the quilting (the bobbin thread keeps snapping) and I've been meaning to replace the quilting.  I've done one line (with different stitch length and tension from the first time) but, I'll be honest, it's mind-numbing work.  I'm going to change my plan slightly and replace the lines where threads have snapped and then leave the rest but quilt in the ditch of all the sashing strips.  That should be enough to stop the bias stretch on the quilt, which, I think, is exacerbating the problem with the quilting.  If it doesn't, I might quilt in the ditch round the grey block borders.  I have to be careful not to add too much quilting as it's already bound but I'm hoping I'll get away with it...

Drunkard's Path quilt - the front

18.  I knitted two Iced Hats for Christmas presents - one for my sister-in-law (left) and one for Mam (right).  However, despite trying on the purple hat and saying the fit was fine, Mam has decided that the brim on her hat needs to be longer *sigh*  So, I'm going to see if picking up the cast on edge and adding more rib will work - I'm going to make it a 'turn up' brim so that the picked up stitches/change in colour will be hidden.

Two iced hats

19.  Mam mentioned that she could so with another pouch for her knitting bag and I suggested using the leftover fabric from some sewing accessories she'd made; when I said that I'd make it, she couldn't give me the fabric fast enough!  I've managed to squeeze a large and small Lola pouch (yes, I'm a bit obsessed with them!) out of it and have used yet more of that (greeny) grey fabric for the lining (I bought a metre - it goes a long way!)

Two Lola pouches for Mam

20.  These are the last remnants of the grey and yellow fabric and I'm hoping to cobble something together to use them all up.  Two pieces have wadding fused to the back (the result of a miscalculation) and I'm planning to make a storage basket with these last oddly-sized bits.
Leftover grey and yellow

21.  Mam likes the hat I made her for Christmas so much (even though it's a bit short in the brim!) that she has asked for another one.  We chose this yarn yesterday and I'll knit this hat (with the lengthened brim) before altering the other one, that way she isn't without a hat in this atrocious weather!
Iced Hat III

22.  Hadley recently had a 'win my WIP' giveaway in order to foist her hexies onto someone else pass on a lovely project and I was the lucky winner.  I'm going to turn these into (yet another) table runner (I like to think that I'm increasing my chances of having one by the end of the quarter!), once I've sewn together the remaining seven flowers.  This is the only time you will find me doing EPP when it's not making one of those little pin cushions using Japanese import fabric!

Hadley's Hexies

I expect I'll be putting many of these on my Q2 (and 3...and 4...) lists but I'll knock them off eventually!

As always, I have my very own supervisor, ready to crack the whip at a moment's notice...

You crack on with that list and I'll go back to sleep.  I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, though, so no slacking!


  1. That a mighty big list Archie! Good luck.

  2. I'm glad to see Helen has help in keeping her nose to the grindstone! So many new projects and a few familiar ones but all with progress so keep going!

  3. Wow, what an amazing list. Good luck with tackling it.

  4. I love your (what seems to me) very ambitious list. As a newby to FAL I am looking forward to seeing and reading about what you get done.

  5. I love your (what seems to me) very ambitious list. As a newby to FAL I am looking forward to seeing and reading about what you get done.

  6. Wow, what a list!
    And now I've seen how it's done I better go and write mine!

  7. That's a big list! I'm feeling exhausted at the thought of it all - hope you can pace yourself nicely through it. I'm going to go and dig out some ancient wips and join in (though given my slow rate of progress I'm definitely going to have less on it!)

  8. Oh wow you have a very long list of some beautiful projects to get finished! I am glad to see someone else added some non-sewing projects as I did. I am unsure if they count or not.

  9. Yes WOW! That's quite the list! Such beautiful and inspiring projects though and you definitely keep things interesting with different styles and makes. I look forward to the finishes :)


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