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Mini Archie’s June Furtle Around The Blogosphere

Archie The Wonder Dog

Furtle (v): to have a rummage or delve into the contents of something

Hello! This month I have some actual finishes! My elbow is starting to feel better (still problematic but I’ve been able to knit, hooray!) and just this week I’ve started physio so I’m hoping to see/feel improvements in my arm by the next appointment at the end of July.

First up is this pair of socks which has been a long time in the knitting: 

Yarn is Fireworks by Must Stash, a present from a lovely friend

And I’ve finished the stripy top I was almost finished last month. Turns out I wasn’t as almost finished as I thought as I hemmed it and it was horribly fluted (and I mean horribly) so after a lot of unpicking, I added a band instead. As it turns out, this was a good thing as I love how it looks and I think it would have been too short without it, which is quite something given that I added 5” to the length! 
Pattern is Lou Box top by Sew DIY 

I’ve made some more adjustments to the pattern and got some jersey to make more (mostly stripes but with a couple of prints thrown in). I’m currently washing and drying them and need to iron at least one so I can get making the next as this one has barely been off my back!

As ever, Mini Archie has been prodding me into action:
I has time to smell the roses. You doesn’t. Back inside and get cracking *stern face*

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  1. Oh my goodness, those finishes are the BEST!!!! Love, love, love the socks! And that top is spiffing!!!! Wowsers. Blown away. *WAVES Pompoms furiously*

    1. Thank you! (It’s been a long time since I’ve had two finishes in one month!)

    2. Oh, that's so lovely! I'll bet shoulder is glad you persevered to be able to contribute again! Did MA give you 2 checkmarks for those finishes? Gracie wants to make sure you got proper acknowledgements.

    3. *whispers* Given that these don’t appear on a list, Mini Archie decided that ticks weren’t appropriate. I may just put every potential sock and top and cushion on my waiting list (even if it does run to several minutes of scrolling), that way I’ll get ticks when they’re made. I did get a ‘well doned’ and a pat on the hand so I think Gracie will be nodding her approval when you read this to her.

    4. Gracie is much relieved that you got your 'well doned' and pats. She is always pleased by any milestone not matter how small and time spent on crafts. You know I love a comprehensive list with all possibilities!!!

    5. Me too and that’s why I’ve gone back to it for my updated Fettling list - I looked at your post and realised I missed having particularly the ongoing things like socks written down somewhere to cross off. Deleting a photo from an album, while satisfying, isn’t quite the same!

    6. Bravo!!!! I love our truth in crafting kinship here! So good to be able to have it all out in the open.

    7. *whispers* And it means that since everything is on the list (bar unplanned events such as a special request, etc.), I can’t be prodded for working on one thing when ‘someone’ thinks I should be working on another thing *puts finger to lips* Shhhhhh!

    8. *whispers* Excellent planning! That's a great way to be able to work on any and all. *pompoms rustle quietly*

    9. *whispers* Thank you *quietly admires pompoms*

    10. *admiring lovely manners*

  2. Your strippy top looks gorgeous. Well done and this socks ! Perfect for pride month too such a lovely rainbow of colour. Well done. Hope your elbow is fully healed


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