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Coming Soon...

Hello!  I hope you're well and are keeping your spirits up if you live in the northern hemisphere and haven't seen sun in what feels like years. If you live in the southern hemisphere, I hope you haven't melted...

I have a plan for a revival and renaming of an old blog favourite (of mine, at least), so come back on Thursday (31st) to see what's happening...


  1. Under starter's orders.................

    1. I do hope so!! (Although this comment hasn't come through to my email so there's another problem to fix which I thought I'd fixed a while back *sighs*)

  2. Goodness, I have not heard the word furtle for years. A lovely gentle word. Good to hear in our increasingly aggressive world.

  3. I have furtled!!!! i dont think budthepuppy will ever recover :-)


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