Friday, 6 January 2017

Please Be Upstanding For The 2017 Finish-Along Hosts!

The 2016 Finish-Along is drawing to a close (don't forget to link up your finishes), but we're pleased to announce the new set of global FAL hosts for the 2017 Finish A Long! Our new hosts continue to span three continents and several countries and each of them has a lovely (and inspiring) blog and we hope you will enjoy visiting them:
  • Sarah - Sew me - Northern Ireland

As you may have gathered, I'm not continuing as a host, but I'm still going to be participating.  And Archie is hoping to still be allowed to wield his big stick and keep you on the straight and narrow...

Being a host has been a lot of fun - let's give them (us!) a round of applause as we troop off the stage and make way for the next gang of hosts.  (Some of them are going to be running round the back and joining the 2017 hosts in the wings, probably just before they make their entrance!)  Many hands has made the work of hosting the FAL much easier, but each host has still given considerable time to supporting the great community that makes up the FAL. 

A special thank you to each of the 2016 FAL global hosts:

I hope you will be joining in the 2017 FAL (see you there!). Also feel free to grab the 2017 FAL logo (which will be on the 2017 hosts' blogs very soon) and use the hashtag #2017FAL.

Thanks for popping in and thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for the Finish-Along!

Time for a snooze...


  1. Looking forward to see your FAL list for 2017 and thanks for being an amazing host! Enjoy sewing 2017

  2. Thank you for hosting this past year. The FAL has been a great thing for me, and I am so glad I joined! I'll still be checking in to see what amazing things you are sewing and to see what Archie is up to! Happy New Year, Helen!

  3. Thank you to all the hosts! Well done!

  4. *whispers so not to wake up Archie* thank you for being a fab host xx

  5. Thanks for being such an encouraging host, and I cannot wait to see your list for the first quarter...

  6. Thanks for being a great host - hope you're still going to keep cheerleading from the side lines xx

  7. You deserve a snooze Archie!
    I'm sure we can stay motivated together for the 2017 rounds!
    Thanks Helen for all of your encouragement.

  8. Clapping quietly! Let sleeping dogs lie in and all that!


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