Monday, 4 July 2016

FAL Finish: Storage Basket

Finish A Long 2016

Back at the beginning of the quarter, I wrote my ridiculously long FAL Q2 list and one of the things on it was as storage basket in which to keep my handbag, brolly, spare shopping bags.  At that point, the project looked like this:
Ready for quilting

Over a few afternoons in a 'tired, but too tired to rest and not well enough to settle to anything' week, I did lots of mindless quilting (while listening to No Such Thing As A Fish) and used lots of thread.

I started with an aqua thread (Aurifil 50wt 1148) and did randomly-spaced straightish lines across all five pieces.   I then added some darker aqua lines (Aurifil 50wt 4182) at random intervals and then quilted a line in grey (Aurifil 50wt 2610) in between each existing line:
When you're too tired to do nothing, and can't settle to anything, some mindless quilting of soon-to-be storage basket panels turns out to be just the thing! These were just going to have a few lines of quilting on them... #missed

I added four pink lines (Coats 50wt 3741) to one section of each piece:

Adding a touch of pink
and added a dark duck egg blue (Aurifil 50wt 2805) in random places, followed by silver metallic (Madeira 'alu') in between each line in the pink section and a little bit beyond it:
And now some silver metallic, which is hard to photograph! #nearlyfinished

I went back and filled in any gaps with dark turquoise (Coats 50wt 4633) and pale aqua (Coats 50wt 1433) and trimmed the pieces so they'd fit together:
Trimmed and ready for assembly. (No lining sorted yet, though.)
I used more of the rain in 'mist' (which I wasn't fond of because it's a greeny-grey, not the soft silvery grey I'd expected, which is why I'm trying to use it up!) for the lining.  I didn't have any interfacing in sufficient quantities and wanted to make this using only things I had (I'd already had to join pieces of wadding together for most of the outside pieces) so decided to do without because I could always go back and open up the gap in the lining and add some if needed.

Archie thinks it's a giant biscuit basket:
giant basket for biscuits

...but we know the disappointing truth, don't we?
Storage basket

Archie has been keeping his favourite wall company as well as enjoying some sunshine, when it deigns to appear:
I'm being paid for this, right?

Don't forget to link up your Q2 finishes - the link closes in the early hours of Friday morning (for those of us on BST/IST), don't miss your chance to link!!

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Really beautiful quilting. I wish my back was up to extended time at the sewing machine, but I can only look at this post and feel envious... I don't think I've ever seen that side of Archie before, where you can see the spots on the back of his ear that look like a cartoon paw print.

  2. wow that was a lot of quilting! Hope Archie received payment and that you get a lot of use out of the surprisingly non biscuit holding bag!

  3. Archie dear, I love you! I hope you got payed well and I think you should have your very own fabric basket for coocies or toys! Hugs from Teje

  4. That bag is so useful looking! Love all the matchstick quilting.

  5. Awwww bless Archie! I think its a giant biscuit bag too 😀

  6. The quilting is GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations on your finish! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts :)


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