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A Felty Finish!

I'm quickly popping in to register a FAL finish before the deadline.  (Yes, this is an honest-to-goodness attempt at a short post!)

I first added this project to my FAL list in the third quarter of 2013 and I've done nothing with it until now.   This is how it has looked for about two years:

Felt picture
I can't find a photo of the square by itself...

I think part of the problem was that I didn't really know what to do with it.  At first it was going to be a pin cushion, but I didn't have enough of the pale blue felt to make one with 'walled' sides, which was my intention.  Then it was going to become the top of a box, but I didn't really need a box!  Then it was going to go in a frame, but I didn't like the way it looked behind the glass.

In the end I decided that I definitely wanted it on the wall but I also wanted on the wall by itself, i.e. no frame, no canvas block, etc.  I had a square of the pale blue felt so I cut that down a little (I took 3/16" off the top and side so that it wouldn't show on the front) and then slip stitched it to the back of the embellished square (I just caught the back of the front square with my stitches as I didn't want anything to show on the front).  I added two thread loops to it (for hanging) and slipped a cocktail stick through them to act as a hanging rod:

Felt square - back
The back of the embellished square

And then stuck two push pins in the wall and balanced the square on them (probably the hardest part of the whole thing!):

Felt square
In good company with minis from my friends (the seaside mini next to it is by Sheila)

I'll show you the whole 'wall of minis' (which is a definite work in progress, just how I like it!) next time as I have another finish on there that I haven't yet blogged about.  (Here's my 2015 FAL Q1 list.)  I'm planning to post a 'round-up of Q1' post either tomorrow or Monday and will link up my final finish then.

Archie has been taking advantage of some sunny afternoons whilst keeping an eye on the comings and goings in the street:

I do like to lie on the front grass and watch the world go by.  Okay, technically I'm on next door's garden at this point but they don't mind!!

Thanks for popping in, I'm linking up with Adrianne; why not have a look at all the projects that have been finished in the last three months - it's quite an impressive list!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. The little felt creation looks so nice on the wall, I'm glad you have finished it.

  2. It's darling! A nice addition to your collection

  3. Good decision to finish it as you have. Let's it's beauty speak for itself.

  4. Now that's the perfect place for your cute felt mini! Great idea to use a cocktail stick!! Nice to see the handsome boy looking so good! Jxo

  5. It really is a sweet little square. I'm glad you are enjoying it and it is officially off the list!

  6. Hi Archie and Helen!! So nice to see you and Archie enjoing the sunshine! Your Mini felt is Super cute!
    Hugs and kisses! Teje, Nero, Hanna

  7. That little felt make looks great on your wall. Using the cocktail stick was a very clever idea. Archie looks well, sunbathing! I hope you are both having a lovely Easter :)

  8. The felt is so pretty. I like the way you mounted it.
    Archie is the best!

  9. Archie looks very content in the sun! Great way to finish that mini x


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