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Sewing, but not blogging

I suppose I should have predicted that three posts in six days would result in a blogging blackout but I didn't.  I bet some of you did though, didn't you?!

Here's what I've been up to:

I'm going to intending to finish off the lovely cushion from Katy (I think this project is a veteran of the FAL list!), make my first ever foundation pieced block into a block keeper/stitching book (using Cathi's examples as inspiration) and, just for laughs, see how far I can get with a double bed-sized blue and white nine patch and snowball quilt.  (Not as far as a finish, I don't think, but miracles do happen!)

I've already got a finish! (No, not the quilt!)

Block keeper - front
The front.
You can see a photo of the back here.

Block keeper - inside

Block keeper - rolled
Rolled and tied.

I'm about to start a new hand piecing project (no, I haven't finished joining my hexies together yet!) and I'm going to need somewhere to keep all the pieces because there's no way I'm going to manage to stitch a whole block in one sitting which is why this FAL project suddenly shot to the top of my list.  I wasn't intending/hadn't planned to do quite as much quilting as I ended up doing so it has shrunk quite a lot.  It was going to be square but isn't now(!) and the star isn't quite in the middle of the front because one side needed trimming to square it up - there wasn't anything I could do was willing to do to even it up so it's staying like that.  I've added a length of twill tape to the back so that it can be rolled up if necessary but I wanted to make something that could be shoved in a bag in a hurry, etc.  All I need to do now is prepare some pieces for the new project from this lovely lot and I'll be set!

Fabric for my next hand piecing project...
Fabrics for my new hand piecing project, mostly charm squares.  More photos here.

The other thing I've made progress on is the blue and white quilt.  I think the last time I blogged about this I'd cut all the 2.5" blue squares I'd need.  In February I started to piece the (128) nine patches and at the beginning of this month I started to prepare the (127) snowballs and, after a mammoth block arranging and labelling session last weekend (there were 255 6" blocks to arrange - it took ages!), I've started to join the blocks.  This is what I have so far:

The first thirty blocks
I'm pleased with how they look, thank goodness!

Actually, I've made another set of ten but that's part of a set of 25.  (Confused?  See my map, below!)  I'm not joining them in rows, I'm making nine sets of 25 and three sets of ten and then joining them so that I have as few really long seams as possible - I find it a much easier way of working but it does require, for me at least, a map:

Blue and white map
A quilt block map.

There are more photos of the blocks and how they're going to be arranged, etc., here.

I've also added some more hexies but I'll save that for another day because I think that's quite enough to be getting on with!

Finally, you may wonder what Archie's been up to while all this stitching has been going on.  Well, it's a dog's life:

What, more sewing?!

It's hard work being cute all the time, I think I'll just have a snooze...


  1. it looks like you have some wonderful projects going, I have too many like usual - I need to stop that and get things done but then I think I would be bored!
    beautiful photo of archie :)

  2. Sigh. Archie is as handsome as ever. I love that rolly uppy block keeper and I have the perfect block to make one. Off to check out the link. Good luck with your FAL list!

  3. Love the block keeper - the quilting on it is spectacular

  4. Oh my! Love the rainbow of fabric goodies you are starting your new project with. It's delish!
    I'm very impressed with your diagram - It's lovely and neat. Anything I do is normally a scrawl on the back of an envelope :-)
    Look forward to seeing more of everythng xx
    And hugs to Archie from Connie xx

  5. Ahead of me with your first finish! You may well finish that quilt - well the top anyway! Tummy tickle from me - er that's for Archie of course ...

  6. Really like that block keeper and good idea to add the tape for rolling, still looks Scottish.x

  7. I'm very curious what the new colourful quilt is going to be.

  8. Man alive you've a lot going on! Your 'block roll' is genius! We have one similar for jigsaws! Jxo

  9. I am so tempted to jump on your bed and scatter those artfully arranged fabric squares all over the place :-D

  10. Busy girl! I piece blocks into quilts the same way as you, too. Much easier to manage bigger square pieces than massive strips!

  11. Wahey, it lives to see another quarter :oD

  12. Where to start? Lovely projects! Your charm colors are just my cup of tea! Your roll up is fabulous. I can see a wide market for something like that! Archie looks as loveable as ever!

  13. I've done the three posts in six days, fall of the face of the earth thing, too. It happens. I always seem to average out to a post a week.

    Block keeper. Now there's an idea…! Yours looks great - as does that oh, so, promising pile of charm squares...

  14. You are doing great, I love your block keeper and the colours of your new project are beautiful. I have a large soft spot for blue and white quilts (and dishes) and so I can't wait to see you finish that one too.

  15. Hi! Great projects! I love the blues with white and all those colourful fabrics for hand stitching look so inspiring! Hugs to sweet Archie! x Teje

  16. Keep sewing H as that is a long list. The block keeper is a new one on me but what a good idea. Have fun sewing. Di x

  17. I love your star block keeper, look at all that quilting! You are so busy it makes me feel lazy! Hugs xx

  18. Love the block keeper. It may not be the size or shape you were after but it looks great. And I could only tell the star was off centre because you told us so I went and looked closely. And even then it was only the longer quilting line on the left that made me see it.
    Looking forward to seeing what your new start is.
    And the blue and white quilt is looking good so far

  19. Love the block keeper and that pile of fabrics for your new project. Archie is as gorgeous as ever too!

  20. I love the blue and white quilt and your smart block keeper. Navy is a brilliant colour to show off other colours. Archie looks very happy. I almost forgot your rainbow charms, I'm looking forward to seeing your design.

  21. So many things going on here. And that rainbow of fabrics is just beautiful. Of course Archie always steals the show, doesn't he?

  22. What a sweet pup Archie is! Love the pictures of all your projects - your blue and white quilt is going to be lovely!

  23. Oh my goodness, you've been busy while I've been offline! Loooooove the rainbow assortment and can't wait to see what you'll be up to next :)


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