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Sixteen months of piecing...

On December 13th, exactly sixteen months after I pieced the first hexagon, I pieced the final hexy for my quilt!

Here are the final few:

Hexy 189
Hexy 190

Hexy 191 - the striped fabric is a dream to work with!

Hexy 192 - a final fairy!

Hexy 193

Hexy 194 - I have ironed it, honest!

A spare hexy.  One of the hexies that I stitched earlier in the project is appealing against a decision of hexicide...

Hexy 195 - the final one!

I don't yet have a photo of all 195 together as I haven't laid them out.  I've prepared all the trapezia (trapeziums?!) and the triangles that will square up the edge but won't have enough room to lay them all out until I take down the Christmas tree.  (And, because the tree is in front of the window, I wouldn't have the light to take decent photos even if I did have floor space!)  So I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a couple few weeks...

I've received some lovely Christmas presents from friends:

A lovely basket and lots of goodies from Jan, who didn't want me to be left out of the Secret Santa fun!
 The bar of chocolate was eaten shortly after the photo was taken as I wanted to know what Hershey's chocolate tasted like. Let's just say '...and now I know' and leave it at that *wink*

A fabulous travel sewing pouch (and charm packs and chocolate!) from Jude.

A charm basket from Nicky...
...which was packed with cheerful spotty charm squares (I love spotty fabric!) and chocolate (surviving, just)

The most wonderful book from the delightful Salley - she even got it signed for me by the author!!

And dozens of gorgeous 2.5" squares from Sarah  (yes, they took ages to lay out like that but aren't they pretty?!)

Thank you, all of you.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and treasure the generosity of our quilting community.

Finally, we weren't the only ones waiting for Father Christmas...

 Taken on Christmas morning

Is that him?  Alfie, what do you think?  Is it?
I think you're right...I hope he knows I'm here and not at home...

I'm sure I can hear sleigh bells...he hasn't forgotten me after all!
Definitely sleigh bells!  Which way does he come in?  Front door or back?  I need to know!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and found some sewing time to salvage your sanity.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got the binding to stitch down on the back of my Stained QAL quilt (really need to find a name for it!) and then I'm done!  I'm hoping to have it finished (and washed, dried and photographed) by the end of the year, which means I need to get a wriggle on!  Happy stitching and, if I don't make my deadline, Happy New Year!

P.S.  Sorry I haven't managed to reply to all the comments on my last post, I haven't really been on the computer for the past week so I'm way behind!  I'll work my way through though, it may just take a few days!
P.P.S.  Remember the banana bread I made?  Even the birds won't touch it!  (And I fear that the plastic box I was keeping it in is stinks, even after having bicarb in it for a week!)
P.P.P.S. (Yes, it's getting ridiculous, this is the last one!)  This is what I've just seen on my Flickr homepage:

I think he knew that one...


  1. what lovely goodies! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Christmas, we had our Alfie with us too! Loving the fairy hexy, well done for getting them finished!

  3. Glad you had a lovely Christmas - I think Archie and Alfie are really looking out for the postman hoping he's bringing treats :-)

  4. Your hexies are divine! Wanted to choose a favourite but can't!

    Goodies to help you through the year then! Wondering what you will do with them? Do Sarah and I think you are a bit dotty perhaps?

    That pair A & A - can they have their own show on youtube please!??

  5. I love those pics of Alfie and Archie! I have sewn and chilled, with quite a bit of drinking and eating thrown in-its been perfect!

  6. Love the last few hexies and can't wait to see them all laid out!

  7. Ooh definitely I'd watch the Archi & Alfie show... Brilliant pics. And those hexies! Its going to be such a cool quilt, hurry up and get it done so it can be entered in all the summer shows! Big hugs xxx

  8. Woo hoo, congratulations on finishing your hexies - I can hardly wait to see them altogether, so pretty.
    Wonderful gifts, enjoy.
    Super duper pics of the boys, they made me laugh out loud.x

  9. The hexies are great and I am hoping against hexicide for spare one. And you sure get good mail! The dogs are so cute too, I hope they got some nice bones for Christmas

  10. The hexies are great. You have done well sticking with them through 16 months. You have had some lovely post. Alvie and Archie look as if they are waiting for it to arrive. Di x

  11. Congrats on getting them all pieced - now to sew them together :)
    Great bundle of goodies.
    Hope you had a nice relaxing xmas

  12. I am a bit stunned and speechless and in awe of your hexies...... I myself have never made a hexie, and yours are just the cutest and most precise little beauties I have ever seen. I really can't wait to see them all together - Great Christmas parcels..... lucky you x

  13. Well done on reaching the end of the hexies ! Can't wait to see the next stage.
    Once again Archie steals the show, you take brilliant photos.

  14. I adore your hexies - are they from a book, or have you designed them?

  15. Your hexies are downright gorgeous!!!!!

  16. WOw! You've got all your hexies made! Well done! can't wait to see them all laid out. And lovely to see you getting a little spoiling! Jxo

  17. The hexies are lovely! Looking forward to seeing them together.
    I bet Archie had been so good that Santa left something in his stocking.

  18. What nice gifts Helen....dogs are too cute!

  19. Oooh, Santa and pals definitely done good there! Looking forward to seeing all the hexies amassed :o)

  20. I can't wait to see all the hexies laid out together. Each one is a little work of art. I love the fairies!

  21. Your hexies will be lovely. I am a few behind on my project, but have started a new Hexie project. Oops ; )

  22. What a great collection of presents, all well deserved. And the hexies are done! Cannot wait to see this one come together. Such a huge project. Finally, perfect that you got a screen shot of Archie and the Woof. Priceless!

  23. What fab pressies, and I love your hexies - the one with the little fairy in the middle is just the sweetest. As for Archie - he's the best!
    Have a happy new year and I wish you all good things for 2013!

  24. Oh boo, you are going to beat me on the 'stained' quilt....lovely goodies and the boys are looking as handsome as ever!

  25. Gah - the hexies are wonderful!!

  26. those hexies are stunning Helen, great stuff and all those lovely pressies too. wonderful stuff. Glad the boys didn't have to wait too long for the man with the beard. Have a great new year and happy stitching

  27. Congratulations on finishing those hexes, that's going to be an amazing quilt, what patience you have!

    Best wishes for a wonderfully healthy and productive 2013.

  28. Oh the hexies are OUTSTANDING!! I can hardly wait to see a quilt top of them! I finally wrapped up my own project from that QAL (the Loulouthi hexies) -- much, much less ambitious than yours but it feels great to have it done! Happy new year, xx --J

  29. The hexies are all gorgeous...I do hope the Appellant won, it is too nice to be hexicuted...congratulations, looking forward to seeing the quilt top...


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