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A plea on behalf of Polo...

Many of you will know a lovely quilter called Salley who always leaves the most wonderful comments on my blog (and others).  Salley doesn't yet have a blog (I'm working on it!) so she doesn't have any followers she can ask for a small favour and I thought I'd ask on her behalf!

Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works is running a pets on quilts competition on Facebook and it would be lovely if those of you who have a Facebook account would go and vote for Salley's cat, Polo.  Salley told me that she employs Polo to do her basting but I think it's more that Polo deigns to help.  After all, we all know you can't make cats do anything they don't want to!

Here's a photo of Polo helping.  Or maybe she's supervising...

Please vote for me!

The links for the competition are here and here.  I'm not sure which link is the best to use (but I think it's the first - please be patient as I imagine the photos may take a while to load) as I don't have a Facebook account...all you have to do is 'like' the photo of Polo, if indeed she's your favourite.  (Subtle hint: she'd better be!) Thank you!

Now, so you get over the shock of seeing a cat on a blog belonging to a dog I'll redress the balance...

Archie is feeling much brighter and really appreciates all your kind comments about him. 

Am I getting that biscuit or what?!
See?  Much more like his usual self!   

Sorry about the 'boy' bit on show...I tried using Picmonkey to, ahem, find a disguise but everything I did just highlighted matters instead!  I don't think there's anything wrong with the photo but perhaps I'm biased!

The vet's best guess was that the cold, damp weather has made his creaky knees painful.  She said they're not the worst she's ever felt in a dog his age (he'll be thirteen in February-ish.  It's hard to know the month for definite as he's a rescue dog but as he was in the same rescue centre as a puppy it's as accurate an age as you're going to get for a rescue dog!) but just because they don't feel horrific doesn't mean they're not painful.  He's on Tramadol (again!) for ten days and she said if that didn't perk him up then he'd need a blood test to check on his liver.  Fortunately, he's already feeling much perkier and, although he's on a long lead for the next week or so, he's thoroughly enjoying his walks and he's going up and down stairs as normal, which he wasn't doing on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Just to make sure the canine/feline balance is back to normal here is a collection of photos of Archie in under his bed, taken a couple of weeks ago.

It's lovely and cosy in here...

There, balance redressed!

Please don't forget to vote for Polo - thank you!!

P.S.  I'm sorry I haven't replied to all your lovely comments from my last post - I will reply, promise!


  1. Ok - just voted for Polo. Glad Archie is a bit better xx

  2. What a relief the Wee Soul is feeling a bit better! He'll be needing rehab if this continues! Off to vote for Polo.xx

  3. No worries about replying to my last comment. Off to follow the Polo link for Salley.

  4. AHHhhh ....Archie....Cant believe I've found a doggy that doesnt chase me and bark horribly. I am humbled by your request to all your friends. Lick Lick Lick.... Glad you are feeling much more perky xxxxx (Polo) .... (and who is that "Andrea" Pussy Cat up above ?? She's allowed to sit on quilts too?)

  5. Cute pics of Archie. Hope his knees are better. Biscuits help, too :-)

  6. I voted. 'bout all I'm goo for at the moment.

  7. Glad Archie is feeling better-I wish the weather was sunny and cold: it's so much better that wet and miserable

  8. So glad the boy is feeling better xxx

  9. The deed is done and glad Archie is after biscuits again - hope he is getting some! Hint hint!

  10. There's an Archie Impersonator in that competition! Not as good-looking though! Glad he's feeling better. Jxo

  11. You have been playing on Pic Monkey haven't you!
    Didn't realise Salley had a cat - I did a double take when I spotted your thumbnail!!
    Am off to vote.xx

  12. I tried! Unfortunately the competition voting has been set up by humans who didn't see the need to put the animals' names by their photos, so i have no idea which button is the one for Polo! I'm sure he'll get plenty of votes thanks to your promotion!

    Glad to hear Archie and his knees are on the mend! :)

  13. Oh my gosh, those are the cutest pics of Archie ever! Glad he is feeling better too. What a treasure....

  14. I've voted for Polo! I'm glad Archie is perkier :)


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