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Finish-Along Q4 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

If you saw my Q3 2015 list then most of this will look very familiar!  New things are at the bottom, if you're interested!

1.  Last quarter, I finished piecing this top.  It's now layered and pinned (although more pins need adding as I ran out!) and I'd like to start the machine quilting - that will be in the ditch between the blocks.  I then plan to add hand quilting in the snowball blocks.  Must order thread...

About time too!

2.  My main hand sewing focus for this quarter is a secret project* and I'm afraid I can't say anything about it.  There is a pattern to go with this photo but I can't show it.  All will be revealed when it's finished - I made good progress on it last quarter and hope to have it finished by the end of this quarter.

*Adrianne, I hope this is okay.  If necessary I can email you my plans and a photo of the pattern but I really can't share more on here...
Secret project

3.  I'm planning to make two 'bolster' cushions to go with the blue and white quilt and intend to use the 508 'bonus' HSTs which resulted from making the snowball blocks.  I need to decide how to arrange them but I have done a little playing!


4.  I've just started this pulled thread work (it will become a pin cushion at some point!) and would like to at least keep it ticking over so I don't forget what I'm doing!

Pulled thread

5.  I have made slow (and quiet, i.e. unblogged!) and steady progress on my hexy quilt and I've now finished the hand quilting!  I now need to trim it and make and attach the binding.


6.  I have plans for this tape measure and this would be a nice easy bit of hand stitching if I need a break from the secret project.

I have plans for this tape measure!

7.  This is another (hand pieced) test block of a pattern by Lynne and I'm going to turn it into another mini quilt for my sewing room wall.  There will be a quilt of these blocks at some point - I have the fabric but want to finish some projects first before I start!

Pointy points mini

8.  This is a cushion kit which I won from Kerry/Seamstar.  It's been on my list for a while now and I have made some progress since this photo was taken: I've ironed all the fabric!

Cushion cover kit

9.  A friend bought me this lovely embroidery outline (is that the right term?) a while ago and I'd love to make it into something.  No idea what that something will be yet (or rather, I can't decide between options!) but I can think about that while I stitch!

Seaside embroidery

10.  This project has been long in the planning (well, more long in the fabric collecting and thinking!) and was going to be simple squares with lots of hand quilting.  I've slightly changed my plan and it will now be a scrappy trip quilt, inspired by Lynz' version.  I have some gorgeous low volume strips (sent by a wee treasure!) to add to these, they're in the photo below this one.

Pale scrappy trip

LV strips

11.  This is going to be a table runner for my new coffee table.  I've printed out the templates for 'Reene's Rosettes' (find them here) and am looking forward to starting the (hand) piecing!

Rosette fabric choices

12.  This is also going to become a table runner for my new coffee table, once I can bring myself to cut into the embroidered (not by me!)  table cloth!

Liberty and linen

13.  These tea towels will become bags and have to be finished this quarter because they're going to be Christmas presents!

Tea towels

14.  This is the result of a paisley free hand embroidery workshop (I promise I did lots of thinking, sketching and planning, not just this tiny bit of split stitch!) and, when it's eventually finished, this will become the front panel of a Lola pouch.

Paisley embroidery

15.  I've started making a honey cowl in cashmerino aran (it's gorgeous and knits up beautifully!).

Honey cowl

16.  This is a Jasmine lace wrap using Sublime extra fine 2ply - I have one (12 row) repeat to go and then 4" of stocking stitch.  I think the challenge here is going to be finding somewhere to block it.  Well, that and the fact that it's boring to knit!

Lace wrap

Archie has appointed himself chief overseer and is intending to keep me on task at all times of the day (and night, if he has his way!):
Is that my tea you're making?  No?  Well get back to your FAL list.  Come on, chip chop.