Finish-Along Q2 2021

  1.  (Q3 2015)  I'm making a low-volume and turquoise version of a scrappy trip around the world quilt and I've made all the blocks. The top half of the top is complete and the bottom half is slowly being assembled:

2. (Q2 2016)  I’ve been planning this quilt since at least 2013 and would like to at least make a start on prepping blocks.  (I've been saying that for a while...)  I have a range of backgrounds and some gorgeous Oakshott (Scandinavian, I think).  The block pattern is in the photo and I've already completed a test block. 

3. (Q2 2016)  This is layered and ready for quilting:

ET top

4. (Q4 2016) I'm going to turn this pink pin cord into a round neck pinafore version of the Kate dress:

5. (Q4 2016) This rather 80s winter sports print (it really could be from then as it came out of someone's loft!) is going to become a version of the Kate dress or Dress No. 2, possibly with a v neck and long/elbow length sleeves.

6. (Q2 2017) This is going to become a Kate dress (or dress No. 2):

7. (Started around October 2012) I’ve made all the blocks and have sorted the arrangement! Read the stories the stories behind the blocks!

8.  (Q2 2017) Winterkist quilt - top complete

9. (Q2 2017) This Italian lawn is going to become a top version of the Kate dress or a shirt no.1, depending on how I feel when I lay it on the sewing table:
Italian lawn - Kate top

10.  (Q4 2017) The pinafore I made needs a lining (it needs a slip under it, but the armholes are too low for the slips I have, so a lining it is):
Pinafore - needs a lining

11. (Q4 2018) Jeans: I’ve tacked together the legs and a trial yoke and waistband and had a fitting. I’m now unpicking all that so I can start sewing them together properly once I’ve cut out all the pieces.

For the fifth quarter running, I haven't added a new item to the list! I still haven’t crossed anything off it, but I’m slowly mak8ng progress and I’m hoping that once the revamp of the sewing room is complete, I’ll be able to spend more time at the sewing machine (rather than spending time tiptoeing past all the boxes in my bedroom and trying to remember where one particular thing is). I'm definitely still a member of the #RidiculouslyLongFALList gang because there's no way I'm finishing all these things in a mere three months!

Mini Archie is, as ever, keeping a close eye on me:

Mine bird café is open! No, not for you, you needs to get back inside and get sewing *stern face* 
(Luffly bird feeders by Aunty Plates)

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