Block 29: The Raffle Ticket Crew

Block 29

One of the home owners in this village got a job lot of paint from, well we don't really need to know where, do we?  *taps nose*  She put a notice on the notice board on the village green offering a tin to any full-time local who wanted it.  ('Weekenders' weren't eligible unless they've been a weekender for at least three generations and only shop in the local shop when they're here.  If they bring their own milk and teabags with them then they're not allowed free paint.)  The village decided that rather than everyone painting their own house, everyone would club together and have painting weekends where anyone who wanted to could volunteer to paint.  The homeowner provides tea and cake (and the pub opens early for a painting party breakfast special) and every volunteer is given a raffle ticket for each half day they spend painting.  When all the houses in the village are painted, they're going to have a fayre on the green and there'll be a prize draw where each raffle ticket is a chance to win.  Prizes include a day with a gardening expert discussing any problem areas in the garden (with a possible trip to a local nursery to buy new plants included - the winner buys the plants, not the expert!), a day with a personal shopper/style 'guru', a day at a local spa (meals and champagne included) and other wonderful things.  ('Other wonderful things' also includes a bottle of Nev's secret flower food which he maintains is the secret to his wonderful dahlias.)

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