Wednesday, 6 July 2016

FAL Finish: Pink And Orange Lola Pouch

Finish A Long 2016

One of the items on my Q2 FAL list was a Lola pouch to match the needle book I've made (previous post).  I was going to use the same fabric as the needle book, so this is how it looked at the start of the quarter:

Needle book and Lola pouch

In the end, though, the orange dot wasn't right, so I used the tone-on-tone print I used for the outside of the needle book and a big pink dot.

I also used some fabric glue to secure the zip tab before sewing the edges and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I shall use that trick again!

After tips from @quirkygranolagirl and @jeifner, I used fabric glue to fix the zip tab before stitching it and I'm really pleased with how well it's turned out.  Thanks for the tips!

I also used some Vilene foam interlining (Style-Vil) for the first time and I love the structure it adds to the pouch.  I added a bit of quilting to each side of the seams (using Aurifil 12wt 1154) and was thrilled to discover that one set met on the bottom - total fluke!
I didn't know these two lines would meet up on Lola's bottom, but I'm glad they did!

And here's the final pouch, with the needle book in front of it:
Needle book and Lola pouch
Probably should have gone for a pink or orange zip, but never mind!

I think they make a nice pair, don't you?

Until about a minute before this photo was taken, Archie was fast asleep, hence the slightly dopey look:
I was fast asleep but heard the post arrive, anything for me?
I heard the post arrive, was there anything for me? (There was!)

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Ah, that precious "just waking up" look. You just want to kiss those sleepy, beautiful eyes.


  2. What a pretty color combo! Well done!

  3. Awww sleepy Archie! I've wanted to make a Lola pouch for ages, must do

  4. Awww sleepy Archie! I've wanted to make a Lola pouch for ages, must do

  5. I like the look that foam interlining gives, really well defined stitching and a pleasingly 'chubby' effect :-)

  6. Super cute! I do love a Lola pouch!

  7. What a gorgeous pair! If they are a gift - the recipient is quite lucky!!! Congratulations on your finish! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts :)


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